Music is an expression of
compassion and
The freedom of the
soul is sacrosanct!
Love is light! Whenever you make music,
follow the way of love -
be aware!
Playnick Antique Becoming a messenger Join the Spirit of the Old Masters
Euphony is a message
of love!
Music is the language
of all life-forms!
All creation is sacred! Whenever you make music,
be creator and healer
at once!
Nommos Becoming a messenger Healing our Hearts from our Egos
Music expands
our consciousness!
The universe is
light and sound!
We are children
of the stars!
Whenever you make music,
be grateful for
your body!
Lemuria Becoming a messenger Ancient Harmony for a new Creativity
All future starts
with our children!
Let there be peace
among people and peace
among every life-form!
Music opens our hearts! Whenever you play music,
there is peace and safety
around you - play for it!
Mouthpeace Becoming a messenger A Young Artist’s Revolution
All given comes
from Mother Earth!
Freedom is growth
in love!
Water is life! Whenever you make music,
you make yourself heard!
Symphonic Polymers Becoming a messenger Smart Solutions for Intelligent People
Everything returns to you –
the law of attraction!
Silent joy is the
most powerful force!
Sound is structure! Whenever you make music,
you structure your
Vincerò Becoming a messenger Embracing Arts
Human family is
the highest good!
Family is an essential
idea of creation!
Love your neighbor
as yourself!
Those who make music
are never alone!
The Clarinet
Family Business
Becoming a messenger Becoming Acquainted