Strategic merger of Playnick GmbH and Silverstein Works

Playnick announces the completion of its strategic merger with Silverstein Works. This strategic acquisition allows Silverstein Works to focus on the global marketing and sales of Playnick products through an amalgamated list of distribution channels, while allowing Playnick to concentrate its efforts in Research and Development. Silverstein Works takes care of Playnick’s global sales, marketing, and distribution network across the entire product line-up.

Since 2019, the two companies have been working closely together to develop new technologies and innovative products. The first result of this collaboration is ALTA AMBIPOLY REEDS, which Silverstein Works introduced to the market as a highly advanced, premium woodwind reed. Recently the two companies completed the developments of ALTA AMBIPOLY REEDS for all variations of single-reed woodwind instruments.

Silverstein Works CEO BK Son states “Silverstein and Playnick have always been two companies in constant motion for innovation, and it is truly exciting for us to combine our expertise to introduce the industry to a new standard of sound. This merger will open many new doors that benefits musicians and music worldwide, and ALTA AMBIPOLY REEDS is just a small beginning to a larger vision that we have for the world of music. Advancement, betterment, and love of music will continue to remain at our core that guides us each day in our pursuit to perfection.“

Of course we will remain the direct point of contact for all our customers, especially for those with German and Austrian playing manner. Our long-term face to face business in our on-site premises remains completely unaffected by this agreement.

“Silverstein Works” and “Playnick” are registered trade names and marks under management of BK & SONS CORPORATION.