Renewable energy

Did you know natural hard rubber comes from the resin of a tree. It is a renewable source, like a fruit?

Same with every cork of our mouthpieces – nothing else than renewable energy from the tree bark.

Playnick does everything to keep your sound natural in order to make our planet happy with your musical message.

At the same time those materials are the very best for a beautiful sound, soft and powerful with a touching warmth to connect people.

Save our planet – water is life!

Did you know, that Arundo Donax, the traditional cane for reeds, is a giant grass growing 4-6-meter high and for that it is taking an enormous amount of water, up to 2000 liters per every single plant? But for reed-making they throw away 90% of the harvest. According to manufactures only 10% remain for the needed quality.

After that another 70-80% are wasted again, cause most artist can’t use all the reeds they bought. Apart from the fact how difficult it is to find a good one!

An incredible wastage!

While global warming increases, water becomes more and more a valuable good. So, what to do?
Just out of the standard packaging of single cane reeds Playnick can produce the double amount of high-quality synthetic reeds. Those have a much longer lifetime and need to be replaced less often. Furthermore, we can recycle our synthetic reeds and give them a second purpose.
Therefore, please collect all withdrawn synthetic reeds carefully, we will be able to process them very soon.