Brahms op.114

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You love to be passioned and impulsive in your music. You either want to express the painfulness with the softest and most velvet tones. Are you ready to explore your desires?

Learn with your Brahms op.114 how intensive feelings can get.


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With your Brahms op.114 you carry this message into the world

Follow your intuition! Loving means to think with your heart! There is only one humanity!

Whenever you make music, remember to love yourself!

Mouthpiece in traditional German design with cord grooves and German bore in 443Hz
Made of pure natural hard rubber of finest quality, class AAA
Seven Star Playnick Quality Standard

We also deliver the Brahms mouthpiece in wooden optic. Optionally with Austrian bore on request.

Individually packed or available as a set, including a Star Ligature and an untreated, timber cap in a marbled case.

For French cut cane reeds strength 3 / 3,5 / 4 or softer German reeds up to strength 2,5
Very well suited for synthetic reeds


black, wooden optic


Class AAA, natural hard rubber


1,15mm, long


German, Austrian



Reed Strength

French 3-4

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