Lemuria – Classic Sax Series

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You are looking for a saxophone mouthpiece for the classical concert sound but want to turn on more powerful and trendy whenever you like.
Thus the Lemuria is exactly yours. Mellow and smooth with a classic reed but in combination with the Ambipoly Jazz reed a total burner.

Are you ready for the dual mode – classic and pop?


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With the Lemuria you carry this message into the world

We are children of the stars!
The Universe is light and sound!
Music expands our consciousness!

Whenever you make music, be grateful for your body!

The Lemuria classic sax series is made for soprano down to baritone with a longered mouthpiece-corpus as a characteristic design element for a dark sound experience.

We recommend the Ambipoly Classic Sax Reeds for standard classic sound and the Ambipoly Jazz Reeds for an inspiring cross over to modern saxes.

Mouthpiece in a single box without ligature and cap.
Please order reeds extra.




Class AAA, natural hard rubber


classical concert facing





Reed Strength

Ambipoly Classic and Jazz Reeds

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