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You need something making you sound compact over all registers?

A high-quality ligature serves you constant tone quality, an optimized sound feeling and a notable better dynamic range.

Are you ready to upgrade to the Champions League of music?

We have the best ligatures for you not to miss any possible sound adventure anymore.


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With one of our hexagonal-structured ligatures you carry this message into the world.

Everything returns to you – the law of attraction!
Sound is structure!
Silent joy is the most powerful force!

Whenever you make music, you structure your environment!


This ligature out of pure titanium is simple to use and perfectly fits to all our synthetic reeds. Physically the reed is not tensioned while fixed and gets more freedom and flexibility to vibrate and resonate in comparison to other ligatures.

Because of the noble metal titanium an astonishing ambient sound and a more precious articulation convinces after a few minutes of practicing.

For all Playnick-mouthpieces and other brands of standard shape.


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