Mouthpeace – The Project

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You want humanity and all life-forms to understand each other well and to live peacefully and in harmony together.

Are you ready for happiness?

Your Mouthpeace always sounds on the highest level, no matter you feel sometimes better or worse.

Every music starts with a beautiful sound – peace starts with happiness.


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With your Mouthpeace you carry this message into the world

Let there be peace among people and peace among every life-form!
All future starts with our children!
Music opens our hearts!

Whenever you play music, there is peace and safety around you – play for it every single day!

Our Mouthpeace models are made in three different versions:

The 501 for the Austrian bore
The 505 for the German bore
The 507 for the French bore with smaller tenon and shorter overall length

German – French Reconciliation
The Mouthpeace has a smaller shape and corpus for a German focused and centered airflow but also a large table for a French reed.

Wave Line Technology
The Mouthpeace has a unique patented siderail geometry in the baffle. So it can be played with softer French reeds while guaranteeing a dense, warm and supple sound.
Same with an unskilled embouchure.

Mouthpeace – The Project
We deliver the Mouthpeace together with a Star Ligature and 4 matching polymer reeds in our exclusive Mouthpeace box with the dove of peace!




Class AAA, natural hard rubber


1,2mm, Wave Line, long facing


Austrian, French, German



Reed Strength

Ambipoly reed 3-4+, Mastercut French MS-H