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Music is your life, so protect it!
The Nommos are the whales and dolphins, the concertmasters of the oceans. Since ancient times they sing for us to keep our earth in emotional balance.
Are you ready to heal our planet with your sound?

Your Nommos mouthpiece empowers you – with every single note you play.


Menge Preis
1 - 2 210,00 
3 - 9 170,00 
10 - 24 150,00 
25+ 130,00 

With the Nommos you carry this message into the world

Euphony is a message of love!
All creation is sacred!
Music is the language of all life-forms!

Whenever you make music, be creator and healer at once!

The Nommos mouthpiece is made in different variations on our plant based natural hard rubber and in correlation to the Silverstein Ambipoly Reeds.

Seven Star Playnick Quality Standard

For French Bb-Clarinet in the more closed B2 version and as M model a bit more open.
In a German version with cord grooves in both styles B2 and M.
For the Austrian playing manner with Austrian bore as Nommos Alpha.

All models are made especially for the use of synthetic reeds but can be played with softer cane reeds either.

Our set includes 3 matching polymer reeds and a Star Ligature with cap.




Class AAA, natural hard rubber


B2 1,15mm, M 1,28mm


French, German



Reed Strength

Ambipoly Reeds 2 – 3,5