The Clarinet Family Business

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Let’s start family business. Wir haben alles was du brauchst in Top-Qualität.

Clarinet has a big family. Beside the Bb- and A-clarinet there is the high A-flat/G/E-flat/D and C-clarinet. Among them the basset- and alto-clarinet, the basset horn and the bass and contrabass clarinet. Wow! Lots of relatives!

Are you ready to expand your knowledge?

Let’s start family business. We have all you need for your top-quality sound amusement.


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With all our family business mouthpieces you carry this message into the world

Family is an essential idea of creation!
Human family is the highest good!
Love your neighbor as yourself!

Those who make music never feel alone!

We offer:

E-flat clarinet mouthpiece Soloist WS
This model is available in German bore with traditional thin corpus or a thicker corpus and cord grooves as well as for the traditional French E-flat clarinet

Recommended for German Bb-clarinet reeds strength 3 and harder
For Silverstein Ambipoly E-flat Reeds
Shortened German Playnick Mastercut Reeds

German Bb-clarinet reeds give the mouthpiece a bit more consistency and support for the high register but have to be shortened by hand.

German basset-horn mouthpiece Stadler

For German basset horn with traditional basset horn reeds strength 3
Optionally with Silverstein Ambipoly Reeds for Bb-clarinet strength 3+ and harder

German bass clarinet mouthpiece AIDA
For German bass clarinet with traditional German bass clarinet reeds strength 2,5 and harder
For Silverstein Ambipoly Alto Sax classic reeds strength 2,5 and harder

French bass clarinet mouthpiece Ravel and FUN

The Ravel mouthpiece is the classic concert mouthpiece for the French bass clarinet with a narrow opening and soft sound volume.
The FUN mouthpiece takes much more air and is perfect for clarinet ensembles and choirs or contemporary music. Wider dynamic range and flexibility.
For French bass clarinet reeds and Silverstein Ambipoly bass reeds.




Class AAA, natural hard rubber