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Your legato should glide powerful, but effortlessly, without any resistance! Are you ready to play for freedom?

Your Freedom mouthpiece combines your melody with a major sound experience as if by magic. Free yourself!


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With your Freedom mouthpiece you carry this message into the world

Only the free can devote himself to art
No evolution without freedom
Freedom is the origin of all being

If you make music, respect the freedom of art – be brave!

Mouthpiece in traditional French design with French bore in 443Hz
Made of pure natural hard rubber of finest quality, class AAA
Seven Star Playnick Quality Standard

Optionally in 440Hz American pitch
Packed in a single box without ligature and cap
For French cut reeds strength 3 / 3,5 / 4
Very well suited for synthetic reeds




Class AAA, natural hard rubber


1,27mm, medium-long




443Hz, optionally 440Hz

Reed Strength

French Cut 3-4

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